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Types of Group Coaching


Group coaching which is done by teleconference meets twice a month, for 60 minutes per call. Each group generally includes 15-25 participants. Group coaching is comprised of two types of participants:

  • The first is for employees and/or volunteers within the same company who are geographically dispersed.
  • The second type is comprised of individuals within a similar/related profession, but are not in competition with each other based on geography.

A person in either type of group coaching can easily participate by placing a direct call into a central teleconference number from anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost of traditional operator-assisted conference calls.

Here is a small sample of some of the numerous areas that can be covered in group coaching:

Some common threads appear and re-appear among a wide variety of business clients, large and small, from around the world. These common issues and challenges are the basis for our list of coaching topics.

We have organized these coaching topics into five major categories,

  1. The Human Venture..Who am I? What do I represent? Where am I in the big scheme of life?
  2. What changes do I need to make to improve my Product and/or Service Delivery?
  3. How can I realize more Profits?
  4. What is my level of satisfaction in all areas of my life?
  5. How do I make the changes necessary to live a fulfilling life?

Many organizations face a situation where an entire group of individuals are in need of coaching. Whatever the reason, a performance gap is recognized which demands a management response. The purpose may be to link individuals from across the country or from around the world so there is continuity within a program and cohesiveness amongst the leaders.

At other times coaching often can provide the necessary impetus for building and motivating teams. Team coaching helps establish and then build a collection of individuals into a fully functioning business network. The resulting team unites people across functions and divisions. Assessments are often used to establish trust and build enthusiasm. A well-designed process brings together the right people and raises the broadest challenge, in an environment in which failure is not an option.

Coaching can also play a special role at the most senior level of an organization, -- with your Board of Directors or the Senior Management Team. At this level, issues are often motivational rather than technical. Members may differ significantly in their beliefs about the purpose of the business and may hold conflicting expectations. A coach will play a unique role as an interpreter and facilitator.

Group coaching allows you to benefit from the shared energy of a group of like-minded people on a compatible path of learning and growth. You will learn from and support each other while being coached. Group coaching also has substantially lower fees than individual coaching. Some group coaching sessions are held in-person at a prearranged location though arrangements can be made to conduct these sessions via telephone.

Ongoing self-care coaching group

You may be placed on a waiting list until a new group is formed. This program includes a 6-hour powerful day filled with coaching conducted at the site of your choice. Your coach provides email support. Participation in your email group is available and recommended.

Assemble 5-6 other people and chose a self-care topic of mutual interest. Contact the Presents of Mind office to activate your team at

You can design the group's agenda to include an in-person retreat, which will impact the cost, but serve as a fantastic way to connect with each other and get away from it all.

Telephone Coaching
Telephone coaching includes 3 structured coaching sessions monthly at 60 minutes each. Email support and short (5-10 minute) scheduled telephone calls in-between sessions are also available. To maximize the coaching sessions, you may be asked to prepare and submit a short coaching form prior to a scheduled session. You will have access to a coaching line number to contact your coach for these sessions.

Here are four significant reasons why group coaching works for companies, organizations, and related professionals:

  1. When working as a coaching group, participants can rapidly share their individual/team best practices, for mutual benefit. Great ideas are quickly integrated and distributed world-wide.
  2. When working as a coaching group, participants can manage change quickly and respond without delay. Change happens more smoothly and with less chaos.
  3. When working as a coaching group, company and organizational initiatives are reached more easily. The bottom line is positively impacted.
  4. When working as a coaching group, 100-200 years of combined wisdom from the participants accelerate the transfer of knowledge. Each participant and their company or organization reach their goals faster.

Team/Group Coaching:
Coaching in groups is a cost effective way to bring people together to build competence and community. A coaching group is most effective when the participants have common objectives or vision (increase sales, get promoted, create strategy, enhance skills, lead others, meet others in the same boat, gain confidences).

How group coaching works:

  • 5-7 carefully selected people from one organization comprise a group
  • Laser learning-everyone gets to the point quickly
  • Members are cross-organizational, cross- functional, and can be located anywhere
  • Group meets twice per month for one-hour on a teleconference call
  • Individuals identify issues, concerns and problems which the group explores
  • Coach offers just-in-time tools and skills that participants can take with them after a call and use immediately

Measurable Outcomes:

  • Increase sales and profits - Coaching enables individuals to work effectively with both internal and external customers by practicing the use of customer satisfaction tools.
  • Retention - In any economy, no organization can afford to lose its high performers.
  • Rapid skill development - Issues are quickly identified and tools are provided for immediate application and practice.
  • Enhanced decision-making - Issues are discussed and diagnosed by the group which often results in fresh thinking.
  • Productivity - The confidential, safe environment invites people to be honest and stretch with little risk. Coaching helps remove barriers to success.
  • Performance based executives - In my experience, people in these groups are enthusiastic ambassadors throughout the organization. They enroll others in their leadership.
  • On-going support - Group sets up email connections to interact with one another in between the group meetings.
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