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What others are saying about Alana and her team……….

Just over a year ago, I decided it was time to leave my job and search out a new challenge that would be equally fulfilling. I hired Alana to help me explore my options. I can speak to her abilities from this personal perspective.

In one year, I was able to leave my existing job, attend business courses, and start my own home-based business. Only two months ago, this home based business expanded with the purchase of a log cabin property, allowing a wider scope of services for my clients.

Alana helped me to achieve this dream through a series of sessions. Alana asked questions that allowed me to explore my interests and vision more fully. I was able to articulate what I enjoyed, where my skills were, tasks that I was less inclined towards, etc.

Alana shows genuine interest in her interactions and is always guided by her integrity and professionalism. Her sincerity sets the tone and her direct questions uncover the answers. She is persistent and intuitive. She uses these traits to dig for the key issues and the solutions that exist within her client. Alana openly wears her enthusiasm for coaching and for the client. Her energy is contagious. H. OBray….HERizon Coaching, Bragg Creek, AB

Dear Alana,

Thank you for volunteering your time to coach me over these last few months. I appreciate the new outlook that you have helped me to see and now I'm aware of how I spend my time and how to use it to work towards achieving my goals. Thank you for helping me gain new perspective in dealing with specific situations, especially related to work. You helped me to deal with a situation which I would most likely have put off until I was forced to deal with it.

You also helped me realize the extent of my supervisory responsibilities at work and how I should be doing more to fulfill them in order to lead a successful team. I have scheduled regular meetings with the two testers to get updates on the progress and discuss any challenges or concerns as well as to ensure that everyone is consistent in their documentation.

Recently I have been frustrated with not being able to accomplish goals in the various aspects of my life such as work, volunteering, business development, and just taking care of myself. I realized that I have been spending the most time on the things in my life that are lowest on my priority list. And I also realized that I need to balance the time I spend in the various aspects of my life in order to be happy, healthy and productive. And the choice is mine! Alica…Vancouver, BC

I have been with Ryder truck Rentals 21 years and in my latest position as an account Manager at Ryder Truck Rental, I have benefited from your coaching in many areas. Some of the results are better goal setting, and staying focused on these goals. You helped me work on applying for a different position in the company, although I did not receive the new position the coaching you provided helped me stay focused on my present position and to make the personal changes needed to work towards the new position the next time it becomes available. Some of your strengths as a coach are listing and giving positive feed back. You have a unique ability at getting me to reflect different situations in my own words with minimum input and feed back. The solutions seem to come from within. I feel this was from effective coaching. THANK YOU!

J. Davidson, Calgary

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