Our BOARD WELLNESS 101 ** group coaching program is intended for any board member, charitable or corporate, wanting to:

  • achieve greater work/life balance
  • effectively manage the stress of work and board governance
  • define their most important goals and develop specific plans to achieve them
  • find greater satisfaction within their roles
  • learn about alternative governance areas and successfully implement their own personal change
  • learn about boardroom settings, expectations and responsibilities
  • acquire accurate information about career alternatives for lawyers and successfully make a career change if desired
  • connect with other women attorneys also working to define and achieve success on their own terms

Group members will determine the depth and breadth of each topic covered.

Program Topics:

  • How Do You Define Success?
  • The Choice of Becoming a Board Member
  • Transforming Problems Into Solutions
  • Taking Control of the Controllable (And Coping with the Rest)
  • Simple Methods for Immediately Improving Work/Life Satisfaction
  • Family Matters - Making Time to Create and Sustain Relationships
  • Getting Rid of Time Wasters
  • The Power of Focus
  • First Things First
  • Urgent vs. Important Matters
  • Time-Shifting
  • Effective Stress Management
  • Getting to Yes/Creating Win-Win Solutions
  • The Art of Delegating
  • Increasing Life Balance One Step at a Time
  • Networking for Support and Building a Power Base
  • What Really Matters?
  • Money: Happiness and Lifestyle
  • Alternative Work Arrangements
  • Parenting and Board Involvement
  • Emotionally Intelligent Board Members
  • Is This Really What I Want To Do In Retirement?
  • The Person at the Top Creates the Climate: Changing Executive
  • Changing Work Settings (firm size, government, non-profit, entrepreneur self employment)
  • Changing Focus Areas
  • Career Alternatives
  • Making Successful Transitions: Short- and Long-Term Goals
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