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Coaching is a process of supporting individuals to create lives that matter. It is a continual process of self-growth and personal evolution. Coaches use numerous methods to help people uncover their potential and manifest the greatness within themselves.

Coaching is a series of sessions, in person, via the web or telephone with a professional coach in which you will identify barriers to your own success and begin to set out some goals and action strategies to achieve those goals. Throughout this process, you will be encouraged and supported. You choose the focus of the conversations while the coach listens fully and observes while asking those questions that will move you to the next level. This is where the real success begins, when you begin to realize your answers and move through the barriers that may have been holding you back.

Coaching is a relationship which facilitates a person's movement toward her most important and desired goals. A professional coach specializes in helping you identify what gives your life meaning and in transforming that into specific strategies, tailored to your own unique situation, that enable you to make your life vision a day-to-day reality.
Perhaps your career has not brought you the satisfaction you'd hoped for. Have you wondered whether the problem might be your particular job? Maybe you're unhappy with your area of involvement. Could it be that the current field isn't right for you after all?
Have you wondered how to succeed in your work and still have time for the other important things in your life: your family and other relationships, your health, and some much needed rest and relaxation?

Perhaps you're confident that you've chosen the right career but find yourself so impossibly busy that the neglected parts of your life are now exacting a price.

Perhaps you've felt that you could achieve your goals if only you had someone to help you strategize, to believe in you at times when you lose faith in yourself, to walk beside you on the road from here to where you want to go, supporting you every step of the way.
You know that psychotherapy is not what you need. You've already done more than enough thinking about the past; you need to make an action plan for the future. And while family and friends are wonderful, sometimes they have their own goals for you that don't coincide with yours.

If you've ever said to yourself, "If only I had a supportive person to help me see new possibilities for balancing my life," then finding a coach may be your answer. Just as a personal trainer would help you develop - and stick to- a fitness plan or performance goal, a professional and personal coach can help you clarify your most important goals, craft an action plan to get there and serve as a resource and support every step of the way.

Your coach will serve as your mentor - a trusted and knowledgeable advisor, a person who does far more than just cheer you on. An effective coaching relationship can inspire you to reach your greatest potential by helping you identify and mobilize your best assets in order to reach your life goals.

You and your coach work collaboratively to activate the very courage and competence that brought you to where you are now - and to make your dreams a reality.

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The most important assets of any company are its People. Here are a few samples of our coaching topics relating to People: Assessments, Career Transition, Coaching Skills, Compensation, Motivation, Training, Mentoring, Employees: Hiring, Retention, Termination.
Products/Services are the mainstay of any business. Here are a few samples of our coaching topics relating to Products/Services: Pricing, Quality, Value, Effortless Marketing, Competitive Positioning, Sales Strategy, Customer/Client Service, Presentations.

We constantly seek to maximize the Profits of our clients. Here are a few samples of our coaching topics relating to Profits: Collections, Cash Flow, Revenue Growth, Profitability, Budgeting, Business Plans, Forecasting, Sales Management, Buying/Selling A Company, New Profit Centers.

Progress is the place in our coaching where we help our clients to move forward and define their future. Here are a few samples of our coaching topics relating to Progress: Technology, Strategic Planning, Vision, Business Trends, Alliances.

With our clients, we have defined the Processes that lead to
Profitability and Progress. Here are a few samples of our coaching topics relating to Processes: Databases, Newsletters, Leveraging E-mail, Web Strategies, Marketing Tools, Successful Meetings, Referral Engines.

Coaching offers a structured dialogue of emerging purpose, directed toward success

How a Coach Can Help You

Everyone has specific needs and ways in which they can allow change in their lives. Unlike self-help guides, a coach can work with you to make strong, lasting changes in your life where and when it's needed. Take a look at the items listed below to get some ideas of how working with a coach will impact your life. Then contact us to discuss how Expanding Thought can meet your particular needs.

Creating a more balanced life:

  • Letting go of the past
  • Taking greater control of time
  • Eliminating clutter, stress and adrenaline

Achieving business and career success:

  • Increasing sales and profitability
  • Shifting from "managing" people to leading them
  • Increasing effectiveness and job satisfaction

Communicating effectively:

  • Becoming an effective listener
  • Learning to be direct, not passive or aggressive

Designing a great life:

  • Finding the courage to make major changes in your life
  • Becoming more fulfilled in your relationships
  • Creating financial abundance

Making a difference with your life:

  • Increasing personal satisfaction
  • Becoming spiritually connected
  • Finding healthy ways to give of yourself

The purpose of our coaching is to:
Provide you with a sense of where you're going
Be engaged in the discipline of self-knowledge
Develop practices that help you realize your full potential
Make the world a better place because you are here
Enhance your ability to be a peripheral thinker-from all angles, stretching beyond what is immediately in front of you, and through curious eyes
Lead others by pulling them into the vortex of your positive and engaging energy
Original Thinking, Strong Leadership and Innovation are what organizations require to compete in our ever changing world.
We work with the individual or team to establish a baseline of behavior, intentions and expectation , then together we identify direction, outcomes ,and a course of action. Sometimes we shadow the individual to learn how congruent someone's actions are with their state intentions of goals. Often we sit in with a team and provide them with feedback about how their behavior is enabling and inhibiting the effectiveness of the team. In all cases we give ideas, teach tools, assess styles, and share our observations with the focus on positive expansion.

  • Certainly, the best way to determine if we are the appropriate coaching resource, is to contact us. Together we can explore your situation and expectations





In person

Personal experience and wisdom in areas of expertise that may or may not provide some insight into barriers or solutions


You will get a sense right away because you are setting personal and professional goals and starting to see results. If you want to be held accountable and supported, your coach will ensure this happens.

Counseling delves into personal history, therapy focuses on psychological areas and consulting is the premise that there is some expert background to which answers and solutions will be provided. Coaches do not provide the answers. We believe that the solutions are found within each of us, we only help surface them.

There are numerous institutions that offer credentialed courses and programming as well as international memberships that are in the process of creating a regulated community of professionals. The International Coach Federation, http://www.coachfederation.org

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